Eyelash Extensions

So you’ve just gotten your hair in the chicest style of African hair braiding, you look and feel amazing. eyelash extensions, african american woman eye makeupThere’s one thing left to do…your lashes, of course! That’s the cherry on top. We know that quality eyelash extensions in Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX can be tough to find. Fortunately, you have Beauty Concepts Salon right in your backyard providing not only superior African Hair Braiding services, but premium lash extensions as well. Call us right now  817-724-9059 for more information.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Not everyone is born with voluminous eyelashes sprouting out of their eyelids. For those who are without, you have the option of eyelash extensions. You have two options:

Individual or Single Eyelashes

This option is perfect for those who want to take a more subtle approach to enhancing their lashes. Individuals allows you to control the density of the lash line, unlike the strip which is pre-arranged. This option also makes it easier to blend with your natural eyelashes for a more realistic look.

Strip Eyelasheseyelash extensions, false use eyelashes isolated on white backgrund

Strip lashes are the cheaper option, but are just as effective. Some may think of strip lashes as bulky and over dramatic, but if done correctly, they can look flawless and realistic. This option is ideal for those who may have a lash line that is thinner or spotty.

Both options are available at Beauty Concepts Salon. Not sure of which would be the best choice for you?  Just stop in today or contact simply contact us.

Why have the cake without the icing? Let our experienced techs do wonders for your lashes. You could easily go to your local drug store or beauty supply to get the cheap strip eyelashes, glue, and risk damaging your natural eyelashes, along with having them look less than perfect. Or you could simply save yourself the stress and have the pros at Beauty Concepts Salon handle your eyelash extensions in Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX. If you’re looking good, why not have the entire package? Schedule your appointment today by calling us at 817-724-9059.