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Beauty Concepts Salon is here to provide Dallas, Grand Prairie, TX, and all the surrounding area with premium quality African hair braiding services. With over 20 years of experience, we excel in hair braiding, but also provide several other hair services including rod sets, designer cuts, and coloring, just to name a few. So give us a call today at 817-724-9059.

Services Areas

Although our salon is in located in Grand Prairie, TX, we also serve surrounding areas including:

Some of the African Braiding Styles We Offer

We focus on providing you with an amazing style, but also on your overall comfort, satisfaction, and health of your hair. It is fine to have a nice style, but it does no good if your hair is being harmed by it. This is why we offer guidance and protective styles for your journey to a healthy head of hair. Here are a few of the braided styles that we offer:

  • Box BraidsThis style uses a unique braiding technique using four strands with extensions and box-shaped parting at the client’s scalp.
  • Braided WeavesThe hair is braided up to one inch and the rest of the extensions left loose and flowing.
  • Brazilian KnotWith this unique hair extensions technique, the hair is knotted or threaded at the base, leaving the rest of the extensions flowing. It has many attributions including Italian knots or elastic fusion.
  • Cornrows  Cornrows are a flat braiding technique in which the hair is braided closely to the scalp in narrow strips from the base to the tip of the hair. They can be done with a client’s natural hair or with extensions.
  • Crochet Braids Crochet braids are a low maintenance style created using a cornrow base, then completed by adding natural-looking, or kinky, extensions.
  • DreadlocksDreads are a natural style achieved by creating intentionally matted coils of hair. Locks may be worn in many ways and include mini or large rope-like tresses.

Your hair something that you should always take pride in. Whether it is long or short, thick or thin, you should always care for your hair. So if you’re look for the best in healthy hair care and African hair braiding in Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX, call 817-724-9059. Beauty Concepts Salon is looking forward to hearing from you!