African Hair Braiding in Dallas & Grand Prairie, TX

slide15-960x605With over 20 years of experience, there isn’t much that the professionals at Beauty Concepts Salon hasn’t seen or dealt with. You can get any hair service you need. From relaxers to African hair braiding to full or partial highlights, we do it all inside these four walls! Not only do we focus on top notch hair styles, but our number one priority is 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we aren’t successful.

Experience is the best teacher and we have plenty of that. So if you’re in Dallas or Grand Prairie, TX, looking for a one stop shop salon, Beauty Concepts Salon is the only name you need to know. So don’t hesitate to give us a call 817-724-9059. We’ll have you feeling like a new person!



Signature Hair and African Braid Styles

  • Box Braids

    Box braids are completed using a unique four strand braiding technique with extensions and box-shaped parting at the client’s scalp. The hair is completely braided from the scalp to the end of the braid.

    Box Braids

  • Braided Weaves

    Braided weaves offer clients a unique style in which the hair is braided up to one inch and the rest of the extensions left loose and flowing.

    Braided Weaves

  • Weaves

    Weaves are the perfection options for clients seeking to add fullness or length to their natural hair. Full sew-in or partial sew-in (tracks) options are available.


  • Brazilian Knot

    With this unique hair extensions technique, the hair is knotted or threaded at the base, leaving the rest of the extensions flowing. It has many attributions including Italian knots or elastic fusion.

    Brazilian Knot

  • Cornrows

    Cornrows are a flat braiding technique in which the hair is braided closely to the scalp in narrow strips from the base to the tip of the hair. They can be done with a client’s natural hair or with extensions.

    Corn Rows

  • Crochet Braids

    Crochet braids are a low maintenance style created using a cornrow base, then completed by adding natural-looking, or kinky, extensions.

    Crochet Braids

  • Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are a natural style achieved by creating intentionally matted coils of hair. Locks may be worn in many ways and include mini or large rope-like tresses.


  • Faux Locks

    This style is achieved using kinky or kanekalon extensions and a tight wrapping technique that mimics the appearance of natural dreadlocks.

    Faux Locks

  • Havana Twists

    Havana twists are a larger version of Senegalese twists, and are typically done using natural-looking, kinky, or synthetic extensions.

    Havana Twists

  • Kids’ Braids

    We offer most of our signature African braid styles for children of all ages.

    Kids' Braids

  • Kinky Twists

    Kinky twists are a low-maintenance style created using natural-looking or “kinky” synthetic extensions.

    Kinky Twists

  • Micro Braids

    Micro braid styles are completed using a technique in which only the hair base is braided.

    Micro Braids

  • Senegalese Twists

    This beautiful style of long, elegant twists originated from the west African country Senegal.

    Senegalese Twists

  • Single Braids

    Single braids are done using a technique that includes long or short extensions used to braid the client’s hair from the scalp to the end of he braid.

    Single Braids

  • Tree Braids

    This braiding method that combines partial cornrows and a full head of extensions, leaving clients with loose, flowing tresses.

    Tree Braids

Maintaining Your Braids or Twists

A big mistake that a lot people make once they get they’re braids is not maintaining them. Braids can be considered to be a protective style, but your natural hair has to get some T.L.C. to remain strong and healthy. Here at Beauty Concepts Salon, we’re all about promoting the heath and growth of your hair. This is why we offer consultations and solutions for your hair including hot oil treatments, protein treatments, deep conditioners, and more.
But as you know there are things that you can and should do to take care of your hair, especially when you’ve chosen to go with a braided style. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that your braids look good, last long, and your real hair continues to thrive.

  • Avoid Pulling Too Tightly: The constant tension that comes pulling at your hair can be quite damaging to your hair, specifically your hairline, which is the the weakest area of your entire head. Consistently pulling at it can cause it to become even more weak, resulting in breakage and no one wants that. Instead, be gentle when handling your braids or twists and avoid doing too many up dos.
  • Don’t Leave Your Braids In Too Long: Braids and twists are considered to be a type of protective style, but if left in too long, they can become quite damaging. These styles are meant to be temporary. We recommend the you keep the style for up to six to ten weeks, depending on the style.
  • Moisturize & Seal Your Hair: Moisturizing your hair is another key to maintaining the integrity of your hair, with or without braids. We recommend starting out with a moisturizer of your choice, whether it be homemade, store bought, or just regular water. Then be sure to seal that hydration in will some type of oil or or sealing product. This will ensure that your hair remains soft and supple instead of dry and brittle.
  • Moisturize Your Scalp: At the base of moisturized healthy hair is a moisturized scalp. Think of your hair as a plant. Without hydrated soil, the plant can not thrive and the same goes for your scalp and hair. So make sure that you moisturize your scalp at least once a day with a little H2O.
  • Protect Your Hair When Going To Bed: Covering your head with a satin scarf, bonnet, or even sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps keep your edges in tact and your hair from drying out. Cotton soaks up moisture, therefore a cotton pillow case extracts the moisture from your hair and scalp.
  • Wash Your Braids: Some may think that you aren’t able to wash your own hair when you have it styled with braids. This is false. There is buildup that can form on your scalp from everyday dirt, sweat, etc. that has to be cleansed. You having braids does not allow you a pass to go without washing your hair.

Your hair is your crown and it should be treated as such. Don’t go on neglecting your beautiful mane. If you need any help or guidance in maintaining your braids or even your natural hair, call us today! Beauty Concepts Salon is here to serve the entire Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX area. Reach us at 817-724-9059.